TorchOpt is an efficient library for differentiable optimization built upon PyTorch. Torchopt is

  • Comprehensive: TorchOpt provides three differentiation modes - explicit differentiation, implicit differentiation, and zero-order differentiation for handling different differentiable optimization situations.

  • Flexible: TorchOpt provides both functional and objective-oriented API for users different preferences. Users can implement differentiable optimization in JAX-like or PyTorch-like style.

  • Efficient: TorchOpt provides (1) CPU/GPU acceleration differentiable optimizer (2) RPC-based distributed training framework (3) Fast Tree Operations, to largely increase the training efficiency for bi-level optimization problems.



Please follow the instructions at to install PyTorch in your Python environment first. Then run the following command to install TorchOpt from PyPI:

pip install torchopt

You can also build shared libraries from source, use:

git clone
cd torchopt
pip3 install .

We provide a conda environment recipe to install the build toolchain such as cmake, g++, and nvcc. You can use the following commands with conda / mamba to create a new isolated environment.

git clone
cd torchopt

# You may need `CONDA_OVERRIDE_CUDA` if conda fails to detect the NVIDIA driver (e.g. in docker or WSL2)
CONDA_OVERRIDE_CUDA=12.1 conda env create --file conda-recipe-minimal.yaml

conda activate torchopt

Developer Documentation

API Documentation

The Team

TorchOpt is a work by


If you are having issues, please let us know by filing an issue on our issue tracker.




TorchOpt is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.


If you find TorchOpt useful, please cite it in your publications.

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